How To Move WordPress Site to a New Domain [Quick Way]


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How To Move WordPress Site to a New Domain
Sometime you want to move your WordPress site to another domain then it will definitely impact the seo of your WordPress website. You cannot vanish SEO impact but can reduce easily. You need to be done the process carefully.

While moving your WordPress website to a new domain, you can minimize seo impact on your blog or website. You can regain your search engine traffic and ranking quickly.

How To Move WordPress Site to a New Domain

In this guide, we'll show you the correct method to move WordPress to a brand new domain while not losing SEO.

Here’s the three main steps method that we'll cowl to assist you migrate your WordPress web site to a new domain name:
  1. Create a backup of your WordPress web site
  2. Create a database for new domain
  3. Unpack WordPress on new domain
  4. Setup Permanent 301 redirects
  5. Notify Google about changes makes.
This process will get impact on your WordPress website temporarily. As your website posts are indexed with previous domain and backlinks are also make with previous domain. So, be careful.

 1- Create Backup of Your WordPress Website

Install Duplicator plugin and activate it. Now you will see a menu. There click on create package. After that plugin will do some test for your websites. If all options are checked as good then click on build.

Plugin will now start creating package. It will take some time depend upon your website posts. After task completed then click on one-click download button. Package contains 2 files one will be a zip or archive file and other will be a installer script. So save it carefully.

2- Create a Database for New Domain

Go to hosting account. Click on databases. Go for MySQL database icon. On next window, it will ask for database name. Simply put the name and create it.

After that go to MySQL users section. Provide a new username and password for your newly created database.

If new user does not have permission then add new user, select your new username and add it. Note the username, database name and password which will need you on next step.

3- Unpack WordPress on New Domain

Connect your new domain with hosting. Then go to New domain root directory (home/public_html) and upload both files of first step.

Open a new browser tab and go to the following URL:

Don’t forget to replace with your new domain name. This will launch the Duplicator migration wizard. 

Installer will look for archive file and on next step it will ask to update new database, username and password. Once done, click on the next button to continue. Duplicator will now unpack your WordPress database backup from the archive into your new database.

Next, it will ask you to update site URL or Path. You shouldn’t have to change anything since it automatically detects the URL of your new domain name and its path. If it doesn’t, then you can change the URL to your new domain name. After that, click on the next button to continue. Duplicator will now finish the migration.

You can click on the ‘Admin Login’ button to enter the WordPress admin area of your website on the new domain name.


Main steps are finished. Now do permanent 301 redirects via plugin. Change your website address in google search console.

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